Online Training Courses I've Completed

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing is a constantly-evolving profession, and I am dedicated to continuous learning. In addition to two Masters degrees and various certifications, I routinely take classes on,, and The ecommerce-related classes I've taken are listed below. In addition, I read many industry publications, blogs, and books, and listen to a variety of ecommerce, digital marketing, and agile product management podcasts.

# Category
Course Name
Course Source Completed Reference Notes
01 Website Technology Introduction to Networking Dec. 2014 Certificate No: 427896FE73A941D881F0E6EF12B4E915 None
02 Website Technology Managing a Hosted Web Site May 2013 Certificate No: 8C67335013BE4B959EDE341C7B896ECF None
03 Website Technology Up and Running with Amazon Web Services Sept. 2013 Certificate No: B73BA21369C14511BA1134C43CDDB4B1 None
04 Website Technology Web Development Foundations: Web Technologies Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 790C543A3D534A17885EC4DD046B44BC None
05 Website Technology Web Site Strategy and Planning Jan. 2015 Certificate No: 6E847020F8AA4B3D80B3A96C1792A2CE None
06 Website Technology SQL Essential Training Nov. 2013 Certificate No: 0380E73F92FC4D9A9AEF37E9F66D6063 None
07 Website Technology Foundations of Programming: Databases Jul. 2013 Certificate No: C14F97D70C4A42DFB1024B3B7AC37F03 None
08 Website Technology Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals Sept. 2014 Certificate No: 1785D410B13347898EE7ACDF52E2AB1B None
09 Website Technology Cybersecurity and its Ten Domains Sept. 2015 Certificate None
10 Website Technology Implementing an Information Security Program LinkedIn Learning Aug. 2017 Certificate No: AfpPUZonysPhtMlIu5SpuAZl-KDU None
11 SEO Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO Feb. 2013 Certificate No: 8843755E9A6C40529AABC1B96DCA6829 None
12 SEO SEO Fundamentals Mar. 2013 Certificate No: E65795E28DF943CA9E492CD4E42B6D70 None
13 SEO SEO: Link Building in Depth Oct. 2013 Certificate No: DF5CDF21989A40A983714A5B0A948805 None
14 SEO Spying with SEO Tools Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 4C3FCBE0BC554E66BD5B198713B55035 None
15 SEO Video SEO Basics Oct. 2015 Certificate No: A958328262E24AAC82EDDA6CFA8C9A4B None
16 SEO SEO for Ecommerce Nov. 2015 Certificate No: BA0761B5A6D64211B359C9B26C003D0B None
17 SEO SEO Training Course by Moz Apr. 2016 Certificate None
18 SEO Advanced SEO: Search Factors Dec. 2017 Certificate No: AD7E8D0670FA42CFAF9148403A0BD6CD None
19 Web Analytics Google Analytics IQ Certification Google Various Dates Certificate None
20 Web Analytics Web Analytics Fundamentals Mar. 2013 TEMPLATE None
21 Web Analytics Google Analytics Essential Training May 2013 TEMPLATE None
22 Web Analytics Learning Web Analytics May 2013 TEMPLATE None
23 Web Analytics Up and Running with Adobe Reports and Analytics Sept. 2014 Certificate No: 6ADD8F8DDFB54349BB29C0CBF74AD694 None
24 Web Analytics Google Analytics Training: Using GA for Actionable Insights Mar. 2015 TEMPLATE None
25 Web Analytics Google Tag Manager (V2) Essential Training Oct. 2015 TEMPLATE None
26 Web Analytics Calculating Gross Profit with Google Analytics LinkedIn Learning Feb. 2017 TEMPLATE None
27 Web Analytics Learning Google Analytics Premium Feb. 2017 TEMPLATE None
28 Web Analytics Advanced Google Analytics Mar. 2017 TEMPLATE None
29 Web Analytics Google Analytics Tips Mar. 2017 TEMPLATE None
30 Web Analytics Marketing Analytics: Segmentation and Testing Mar. 2017 TEMPLATE None
31 Web Analytics Google Tag Manager Foundations Course Google Nov. 2017 TEMPLATE None
32 Web Analytics Business Analytics: Prescriptive Analytics Nov. 2017 TEMPLATE None
33 UX / UI Foundations of UX: Prototyping Sept. 2013 Certificate No: 7DBDB25BFE6140EB9242E5766760204D None
34 UX / UI User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design Sept. 2013 Certificate No: C5AF1668DF254C00968F8B217E04B598 None
35 UX / UI Visio 2010 Essential Training Feb. 2014 Certificate No: F06FEF94C31D4FBFAC8EF226E0B2C896 None
36 UX / UI Human-Computer Interaction UC-San Diego Sept. 2014 Certificate None
37 UX / UI Conversion Rate Optimization Fundamentals Aug. 2015 Certificate No: F00C81AFC61E466588C45A7122AF2EAB None
38 UX / UI Optimizely Essential Training Aug. 2015 Certificate No: 086891CB87734626BAE9F21C9E365F5E None
39 UX / UI Foundations of UX: Making the Case for Usability Testing Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 7CD90629515E40099B353C737AD2D091 None
40 UX / UI Foundations of UX: Multidevice Design Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 672B5972E7DF4E51BF264C1B68CE74D2 None
41 UX / UI Foundations of UX: Usability Testing Sept. 2015 Certificate No: DD53917EA26F49DBBE7A426600954575 None
42 UX / UI Foundations of UX: Accessibility Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 85418E4459B546FA9787B10DF274BD90 None
43 UX / UI UX Design Techniques: Analyzing User Data Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 6222F1795FA946E3B963FC4A6CED548B None
44 UX / UI UX Design Techniques: Creating Personas Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 5C2A9B29212144F6B6B9C134A0E152AB None
45 UX / UI UX Design Techniques: Overview Oct. 2015 Certificate No: DF92199FAA7B431D828D86DA0EFE8625 None
46 UX / UI UX Design Tools: Balsamiq Mockups Oct. 2015 Certificate No: FD770C047D714DD3A738040D6FBADD78 None
47 Agile / Scrum PMP (Project Management Professional) May 2011 Licensed PMP None
48 Agile / Scrum Agile Project Management Foundations Sept. 2013 Certificate No: D53EDA85AADE4AA7811D054E786D68C2 None
49 Agile / Scrum Project Management Foundations: Stakeholders Mar. 2015 Certificate No: CEED509047BA463ABEF01209F1E0B65C None
50 Agile / Scrum Agile at Work: Building Your Agile Team Apr. 2015 Certificate No: AE3B05562BBD4C3B915FB38D1ECAAA43 None
51 Agile / Scrum Certified Scrum Product Owner ScrumAlliance May 2015 Certification None
52 Agile / Scrum Installing and Administering Atlassian JIRA May 2015 Certificate No: 4B65BB3747764AD48C4D9B3E7FB91A00 None
53 Agile / Scrum Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project Delivery Sept. 2015 Certificate None
54 Agile / Scrum Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall Sept. 2015 Certificate None
55 Agile / Scrum Agile at Work: Planning with Agile User Stories Oct. 2015 Certificate No: F379F413716E40748C6F7A0C1DEBEB5C None
56 Agile / Scrum Agile Product Owner Role Aug. 2016 Certificate No: 5371DE3E95D047308F024A4DEC680BE4 None
57 Agile / Scrum Software Product Management University of Alberta Sept. 2016 N/A None
58 Agile / Scrum Product Management 101 ?? N/A None
59 Social Marketing Twitter Essential Training Jul. 2013 Certificate No: 9C829A87D2A6447B93A2BDC87E48C3CF None
60 Social Marketing Google+ for Business Oct. 2013 Certificate No: D371D08C4D13473FA1F99043F644DD9E None
61 Social Marketing Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter Oct. 2013 Certificate No: FEF8DEEC40C447D7AB50FFAB2D437AB6 None
62 Social Marketing Up and Running with Pinterest Oct. 2013 Certificate No: 8037142E02C347D583071DE2010910C5 None
63 Social Marketing Facebook for Business Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 030E62FF1BAE413DB080FD2D84296DA0 None
64 Social Marketing How to Rock Social Media Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 7817D1A1F0BF4AD3A7BFF5E222DAAF1B None
65 Social Marketing Learning reddit Sept. 2015 Certificate No: B41AB038F13F4FEDBE6D5C5EC1089C3B None
66 Social Marketing Top 10 Social Media Management Tools Sept. 2015 Certificate No: ED4BE21B189247AA8CA4036BB2B508F5 None
67 Social Marketing Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 12DC11B0CE5F472AB60A8C819369ED26 None
68 Social Marketing Advanced Facebook Advertising Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 864A6864E16C4389ADA2194ED2C9B539 None
69 Social Marketing Facebook Advertising Fundamentals Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 675B78EBE26C435C83CB15655BC2A6E3 None
70 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords Essential Training May 2013 Certificate No: 5DA9CF1DD1574389BC9596ADAACC4B6F None
71 Paid Search (PPC) Up and Running with Google AdSense Aug. 2015 Certificate No: B74BB14491E045E9A5B8661E06F7635C None
72 Paid Search (PPC) Adwords Secrets from an Industry Insider Sept. 2015 Certificate None
73 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords Tips and Tricks Sept. 2015 Certificate No: AE0BD3958EA14CE886D73CECFC66062E None
74 Paid Search (PPC) Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 1BB4BCA88B1448E9AB1F586932C070D5 None
75 Paid Search (PPC) Google Shopping and PLA Fundamentals Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 558042260D2645C7B48799F90789B70D None
76 Paid Search (PPC) Remarketing with AdWords and Analytics Oct. 2016 Certificate No: 3671DD0E32184528963171D9327F6669 None
77 Paid Search (PPC) Ultimate Google AdWords Course Oct. 2016 Certificate None
78 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification Google Multiple Dates Google Certification Page None
79 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords Search Advertising certification Google Oct. 2017 Google Certification Page None
80 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords Shopping Advertising certification Google Oct. 2017 Google Certification Page None
81 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords Mobile Advertising certification Google Oct. 2017 Google Certification Page None
82 Paid Search (PPC) Google AdWords: Intermediate Techniques LinkedIn Learning Oct. 2017 Certificate Id: AUU3Lzr0ib8aXlVSL2k7d59d9b20 None
83 Paid Search (PPC) Programmatic Advertising Foundations Oct. 2017 Certificate No: 59DC3BDEE47B4341B114C41B31E75721 None
84 Email Marketing Learning Email Marketing Jul. 2013 Certificate No: 4449C0A74FE54AF6903AB7E54E457DFF None
85 Email Marketing Effective HTML Email and Newsletters Sept. 2013 Certificate No: F8962D166F084B9EB45CA9A66DC873EE None
86 Email Marketing Creating a Responsive HTML Email Oct. 2013 Certificate No: 3A1CA1B483F04AED94F15B5E64AD3917 None
87 Email Marketing Up and Running with Constant Contact Sept. 2015 Certificate No: 2DFD50EF14724328B1760C41B814E247 None
88 Email Marketing HubSpot Academy Email Marketing Certification HubSpot Academy Mar. 2017 Certificate None
89 Email Marketing Learning MailChimp LinkedIn Learning Aug. 2017 Certificate Id: AfMxaKGzgXwn2oe93neYOYvA37gQ None
90 Digital Marketing Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan Sept. 2013 Certificate No: 38FC8948DD0A46A398CF0F2C3E248EFB None
91 Digital Marketing Learning Online Marketing Sept. 2013 Certificate No: BC681209F7A347CFB23A451D5F15C8E2 None
92 Digital Marketing Hiring an External Digital Marketing Agency Feb. 2017 Unknown None
93 Digital Marketing Customer Decision Journey Feb. 2017 Unknown None
94 Digital Marketing Building Your Marketing Technology Stack Mar. 2017 Certificate No: B893D3BB9562415BAB65ED84ED881695 None
95 Digital Marketing HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification HubSpot Academy Mar. 2017 Certificate None
96 Digital Marketing Mobile Marketing Strategy Mar. 2017 Certificate No: 8766A0B482394398A423960BFB01F811 None
97 Digital Marketing Marketing Attribution and Mix Modeling LinkedIn Learning Aug. 2017 Certificate Id: AanPVMZ_jgqi47Tzm26zxrNELazm None
98 Digital Marketing Database Marketing Foundations Aug. 2017 Certificate No: A6045EE20F7C44308C0C367C5F97B2AB None
99 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms CMS Fundamentals Apr. 2011 Certificate No: 2F99A0 None
100 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms Create Your First Online Store with Drupal Commerce May 2013 Certificate No: C8547C4BECDF4797B238215A0801C804 None
101 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms Drupal 7 Essential Training May 2013 Certificate No: A28A92ACEDFD442D8C6632880B1B3082 None
102 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms Create Your First Online Store with Magento Go Nov. 2013 Certificate No: 12BDE3BB9ADB40C1A8DEF37AB3838BCD None
103 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress Essential Training Dec. 2013 Certificate No: EF6A33DA3F8749D2BAAD8AF485326F68 None
104 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress 3: Building Child Themes Oct. 2015 Certificate No: D9C399BB461546E1815C3F9A18456937 None
105 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 503A459CA0D24405BD5310FC9A14DAB9 None
106 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress 3: Developing Secure Sites Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 98C8F83A9C494FA09255C9B8F3791D49 None
107 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress Ecommerce: Core Concepts Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 3C700B63C4944EF89F86F5137D2CED23 None
108 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress Ecommerce: WooCommerce Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 0EA8C8506AEA4BC0A6234194F9FD68F7 None
109 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms WordPress: Building Responsive Themes Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 9FF1A4CB87AF46DE95821835CD617AB8 None
110 CMS / Ecommerce Platforms CMS Essential Training Nov. 2015 Certificate No: 5D54381B20F241B680FBA3491E8393DA None
111 Web Design HTML Essential Training (2012) May 2013 Certificate No: F583B24C9D344BA8BB9B91D170053735 None
112 Web Design Responsive Design Fundamentals May 2013 Certificate No: 0CB20FBD4AAB4702887BFA85DBB0517E None
113 Web Design Responsive Design with Drupal May 2013 Certificate No: 6C23B52D82A24D038F2A6767110C3489 None
114 Web Design CSS Fundamentals Nov. 2013 Certificate No: 8BC5F1BF8C924B26B6DEE94039D2CFA5 None
115 Web Design Product Photography for E-Commerce Feb. 2014 Certificate No: A0004B864F52497E8C0D4D5C35197246 None
116 Web Design Learning the JavaScript Language Sept. 2014 Certificate No: 2E28A6A5FF9E4AF8A7352198C984C015 None
117 Web Design jQuery for Web Designers May 2015 Certificate No: 259A09BE116D4A488B0881A07257FA0E None
118 Web Design Introduction to Web Design and Development Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 9CC690709402406B90470C8423776405 None
119 Web Design Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 9 Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 3A7BFBF10AF642798EEC0770B642EF39 None
120 Web Design HTML Essential Training (2014) Nov. 2015 Certificate No: 15558ABE225648448D8BC012820BBF13 None
121 Web Design HTML5 Projects: Engaging Ecommerce Nov. 2015 Certificate No: 56DACD2E29AF41E393946CC3094DFB78 None
122 Web Design Creating a First Web Site with Dreamweaver CS4 Nov. 2015 Certificate No: E5EC13FEDF2A4C4A9ACF4710B14F3CCC None
123 Web Design Google Mobile Sites Certification Google Nov. 2017 Google Certification Page None
124 Microsoft Excel Excel 2007: Creating Business Budgets Dec. 2014 Certificate No: 7C89FCE633584821A1B1153B74711BA1 None
125 Microsoft Excel Excel 2010: Real-World Projects Dec. 2014 Certificate No: 726599918C364224A4F98FD3BEA4C58E None
126 Microsoft Excel Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel 2010 Dec. 2014 Certificate No: 4ABA996BC4F24F5884788AFC2D3F32BF None
127 Microsoft Excel Learning Excel What-If Analysis Dec. 2014 Certificate No: 447C7A450F9B428EB8ED5B82DD00AB19 None
128 Microsoft Excel Excel 2007: Financial Analysis Jan. 2015 Certificate No: 96C557CF45004593A7D5891B4A3054D5 None
129 Microsoft Excel Excel 2010: Data Validation in Depth Jan. 2015 Certificate No: 54C86F4244F1401B9211D895D3CB5361 None
130 Microsoft Excel Setting Up a Database in Excel 2010 Jan. 2015 Certificate No: 231EFF5921E14655A0AC03997D85FCA6 None
131 Microsoft Excel Excel 2007: Business Statistics Feb. 2015 Certificate No: 709ED523112E4FA4B4E0526953FC7243 None
132 Microsoft Excel Solving Optimization and Scheduling Problems in Excel Oct. 2016 Certificate No: 7E5E6C None
147 Microsoft Excel Ten Excel Features Every Analyst Should Know Dec. 2016 Certificate None
133 Finance Financial Analysis: Introduction to Business Performance Analysis Dec. 2014 Certificate No: A2D78A5461E8473FB3B00AB0565A785A None
134 Finance Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Reports Dec. 2014 Certificate No: 7CB8407E16FA44028FFDF43A7A7FD30E None
135 CRM-Related Learn Salesforce: The Basics Mar. 2017 Certificate No: 82A830C8472E42489BA1E36BA1256826 None
136 CRM-Related Learn SAP Course - Online Beginner Training Jan. 2016 Certificate None
137 CRM-Related Salesforce for Sales Managers LinkedIn Learning Jun. 2017 Certificate Id: ASgJyLztPKarwmgDvEouBEacOB3L None
138 CRM-Related SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Fundamentals Dec. 2015 Certificate None
139 Jewelry AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional) GIA (Gemological Institute of America) 2008 N/A None
140 Jewelry Graduate - Diamonds GIA (Gemological Institute of America) 2009 N/A None
141 Miscellaneous Access 2007 Essential Training Sept. 2013 Certificate No: DE42E8C6A9564DCDB69A1B95C2E85BA6 None
142 Miscellaneous Learning SharePoint 2010 Jan. 2014 Certificate No: 613AB869B0754A219E390D4C2EED834B None
143 Miscellaneous PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations Oct. 2015 Certificate No: 7BFF466C8C1144C68EA6B36A0E9C381C None
144 Miscellaneous eBay for Sellers Essential Training Apr. 2013 Certificate No: 1D1B2790AA214FD0A3683A474E974181 None
145 Miscellaneous Persuasion Psychology: 5 Proven Tips Dec. 2017 Certificate None
146 Social Marketing Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients Dec. 2017 Certificate None

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