Understanding the eBay Search Algorithm

Wingender Ecommerce ConsultingThe Secret Sauce – the eBay Search Algorithm

Kentucky Fried Chicken has its secret recipe. Coke has the secret formula. Google has a top-secret search algorithm that includes hundreds – probably thousands – of factors. eBay, like Google, has a search algorithm that determines where your product will appear on a search results page, or a category page that a customer sees after navigating down to a particular category of product.

What’s an algorithm?

To be a professional and consistently profitable seller on eBay, to separate your company’s eBay store from all the other amateurs cleaning out their closets, you need to understand some important things about the eBay algorithm. If you understand how eBay “thinks”, it will lead you down the right road to all of your other decisions, from pricing to product procurement to imaging, etc. You need to understand how eBay decides where your product listings will appear and be able to execute accordingly.

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Employee Retention – A Reason To Have an Amazon or eBay Store

Wingender Ecommerce ConsultingIf you’ve been debating about opening an eBay or Amazon store, here’s an additional reason you probably haven’t thought of.

There’s been much discussion over the past twenty years about retailers being open for business on major holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, the good news is that you can conduct business and generate sales on Thanksgiving even while your employees are spending the day with their families, if you operate eBay, Amazon, and other marketplace stores.

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