12 Surprising Facts About Amazon

Wingender Ecommerce ConsultingSometimes people ask me why I’m so pro-Amazon (and eBay). Well, it’s not that I’m so in love with Amazon, but I’m a realist. And, I think that if you want to make money, Amazon is a pretty good option for many small businesses. Not every one, but many. You do need to know what you’re doing (which is where I can help you). I think many people have thought about selling on Amazon, but dismissed the idea because of some misconceptions. Those misconceptions aren’t addressed in this YouTube video, but it’s still pretty interesting and worth watching.

So why is it a good idea to sell on Amazon? To be honest, that’s a long conversation, and any small business (or even any large biz) should weigh the pros and cons. But think about, and remember these key points:

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